Virtual Interview Prep Checklist: Top 11 Tips

Virtual Interview Prep

It’s the day of your interview! Have you completed your virtual interview prep?

You are likely a bundle of nerves and excitement.

Excited at the potential for a new role!

Nervous and wanting to get the interview over with!

In the age of COVID-19, it is highly likely your next interview may be virtual.

Many of us have a tendency to brush off the “virtual” aspect…..

An interview is an interview, right?

How much different could this type of interview prep be?

Well, let me tell you.

The virtual interview is a whole different beast than an in-person interview. 

Make it EASIER on yourself by doing some Virtual Interview Prep ahead of time.


Night Before:

1. Charge your laptop and all equipment ahead of time. 

The last thing you want is to be scrambling for your computer chord mid-interview.

2. Let your family members know ahead of time.  

It might be a great time for your significant other to take the kids to the park. (Thanks babe!)

3. Test your audio and sound in your computer settings. 

If you are in echo chamber (hard wood floors) consider using headphones with a built in microphone. It’s very distracting for the interviewer if your answers are echoing.

4. Find clear, bright lighting shining directly on you.

Ring lights are great for this.

An even easier solution is to set up your laptop so that you are facing the window versus your back towards the window. Avoid the backlight.

5. Select your backdrop with care. 

YOU want to be the main event. (Not the background.) Set up shop somewhere with a blank or solid background. You don’t want the backdrop to be distracting or messy. Or there is always to option to purchase a basic backdrop via Amazon.

6. Clean the camera lens. 

Clean your computer camera lens, even if it doesn’t appear to be dirty. Even the smallest smudge is very distracting on the other end and will have you appearing blurry.

Day of:

7. Compliment clothing to background.

Make sure your top selection doesn’t blend in or conflict with the background you choose. 

8. Silence your phone. Silence any text or email alerts on your computer.  

Nothing more annoying than a “DING” when you are mid-sentence answering the “Tell me about yourself” question.

9. Frame yourself from the chest up. 

The camera angle should be head on.  It looks really bizarre if its too high up and you are looking down on the interviewer. Or if its too low and they are looking up your nose.

10. Be prepared for a potential internet connection delay.  

Even if your WiFi appears to be strong, there might be a connection delay on the other end. You don’t want to risk speaking over the interviewer. One technique is to nod to confirm you’ve heard the question, then wait a couple seconds before you respond.

11. Look at the computer camera lens, not the screen.

This one takes practice.   If you have some notes on your screen that’s ok, but be sure you glance up at the lens as you are talking. Think of this as making eye contact….. which is important in establishing trust.

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