Client Testimonials

Sold over $35,000 in 3 Months

Shoutout to my client Lorie, former Corporate Vice President turned Coach - who recently brought in over $35,000 in 3 months during her first year in business! 🎉🎉🎉

Not only that - but she is just an incredible human both as a client and her mission to serve her own clients. ❤️

I couldn't be more proud or honored to know her.

— Lorie P, Corporate Vice President to Leadership & Imposter Syndrome Coach

Sold a $55,000 Coaching Contract!

Bravo to my client, Shanna who since working with me in the Corporate to 6-Figure Coach Academy....

💰 Is bringing in back-to-back $10K months

💰 Landed a $55,000 Coaching Contract!

Shanna is a performance mindset coach who works with elite student-athletes to get out of their head and into the game by developing a winning mindset so they can excel in their sport and compete at the highest level.

— Shanna  P., Energy Marketing Professional to Performance Mindset Coach for Student Athletes

$24,000 Sale and Back-to-Back $10K + Months

🚀 Petra started out by joining my free "Choose Your Niche, Nail Your Messaging Bootcamp."

🚀  Next, Petra joined the Corporate to 6-Figure Coach Academy which she shares by joining "sped up the 3-4 year process of building a business by several years!"

🚀 Things started taking off fast for Petra as she saw immediate results. Petra shares she saw "5 figures on monthly basis from the beginning."

🎉 During the program we saw her making sales such as 🎉 a $6,000 sale, 🎉 a $12,000 sale, 🎉 a $24,000 sale!

— Petra S., Corporate Director to Startup Leadership Coach

Back-to-Back $14,000 Months! 

✅ Executive Burnout Coach helping women leaders in International Development manage high workload

✅ "Betty coached me on how to raise my rates (even with a non-profit clients) and helped me improve my discovery call process

➡️ This led to a higher conversion rate with prequalified leads and saved me $1,000's of dollars of time (from previously getting on calls with the wrong people)

✅ Achieved multiple $14,000 months since joining the program

✅ Bethany shares, "Invest in this program & get your money back 10-fold!"

— Bethany O., Manager to Executive Burnout Coach

$23K in 2 Weeks! 

Vicki is a former Director in the Healthcare Industry turned Work/Life Integration Coach for Leaders.

When Vicki joined the "Corporate to 6-Figure Coach Academy", she was JUST getting ready to leave her full-time job in order to take her coaching business full-time.

Vicki recently bringing in $23K in 2 weeks!

— Vicki A., Healthcare Industry Director to Work/Life Integration Coach

$7,500 in 2 weeks!

💰 Recently brought in $7,500 in 2 weeks!
💰 Selling upwards of $5,000 coaching packages
🎤  Booking multiple speaking gigs
👥  Filling up her group coaching program

— Julie M., Training & Development Leader to iPEC Coach

$10,000 Plus Months!

BEFORE working with me, Jen was stuck at $1,500 per month.

🚀 Within a couple of months of working with me, Jen closed one client at $5,400 and continues to FILL up her coaching practice with new clients at a higher rate. Jen is currently on track to achieving a 6-figure year in business bringing in over $10,000 per month.

🚀 She is NAILING her Content Marketing Strategy. Her LinkedIn posts consistently go viral with her recent one at over 100,000 views! Talk about ATTRACTING new prospects!

— Jen S., Marketing Director to Career Coach

$6,000 Per Package

BEFORE working with me, Rhys didn't have any paying clients.

🚀 Within a couple of months of working together, Rhys closed a $6,000 sale and is on track to triple that price for his next proposal.

— Rhys L., Corporate Manager to Leadership Coach

6-Figures Her First Year!

🚀 After 17 years in the corporate world, Vanessa transitioned from Vice President of Brand Strategy & Partnerships to building her own thriving Coaching Practice.

🚀 Vanessa reached her goal of 6-figures within our first year of working together.

— Vanessa M., VP Brand Strategy to Career Coach

$13,900 Per Coaching Package

🚀 After 23 years in the corporate world, Krista transitioned from Director of Global Talent and Development to building her own Leadership Coaching Practice.

🚀 Krista recently sold a coaching package for $13,900!

— Krista S., Director Global Talent Development to Leadership Coach

Jacqueline Brought in $13,500 Per Month!

Corporate Director of Global Education to Relationship Coach


Tricia Brought in $10,000 Per Month!

Vice President of Corporate Communications to Leadership Coach


Before working with me, Harley had only ever received clients through referrals… which didn’t feel very stable or consistent!

After joining the “Corporate to 6-Figure Coach Academy,” a client found her organically for the first time ever and Harley landed her first $3,000 sale.

— Harley F., Director of Operations to Mindset Coach for Entrepreneurs

Richelle J., HR Leader to Leadership Coach

Ami P., CFO to Burnout Coach for Moms

Darlene M., VP Merchandise Planning to Small Boutique Coach & Consultant

Our community is thriving!

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“If you do the homework and take advantage of every resource that Betty offers, there is only one outcome:  SUCCESS.

Before working with Betty, I felt lost and unsure of what to do about my business. I knew the type of client I wanted to work with, but I could not articulate the value proposition or my niche statement. It all felt very nebulous and confusing. Needless to say, I was not getting much traction even with a great website.

After working with Betty in her group program, I have updated my website and gained an enormous amount of confidence which translated into actually signing new clients within my niche. Her program is very very robust and complete.

My favorite part of working with Betty was that regardless of being part of a group program I did not feel second-class or alone. Betty was always super helpful and ready to help me when I felt deeply stuck.

I’ve been part of other group programs and hired other coaches in the past and didn't have the best experience, so I was a bit hesitant at the beginning. However, this was the best investment I could have made. There is NOTHING like Betty’s program out there.  I can’t recommend Betty’s program enough, it has been such a game-changer."

— Beatriz R., Head of HR & Recruiting to Career Coach

Linda Gyde

"I am excited and confident about creating a six-figure coaching business ...

Before working with Betty I had been laid off due to COVID from my corporate job as a Director of Customer Service. While working with Betty we explored my values, interests, and what was most important to me.

After working with Betty I was set on a clear path towards entrepreneurship as a health coach. I have since completed my health and life coaching certifications, chose a niche that will serve corporate women with their health goals and desires based on a signature methodology coaching package Betty partnered with me to create. I am excited and confident about creating a six-figure business doing what I love and am most passionate about.

I highly recommend Betty to anyone looking to follow their passion, while staying true to their values, with the desire to create a six-figure coaching business. I am forever grateful to Betty for changing the trajectory of my career to something positive and sustainable during such a challenging year."

— Linda G., Director of Customer Service to Health Coach

“Betty is amazing!  

I have been working with Betty for a couple of months now, and she has been key in helping me find ways to resolve the issues I encounter in my business and life.  Just having someone I can talk to that gives me room to talk but also keeps me on track has really helped me get clear on what exactly is the problem.

With her adept questions and intuitive observations, I can see when I’m getting in my own way and come up with a plan of action to get things turned around.  Sometimes a simple shift in perspective is all it takes to see things in a whole new way. Thanks to Betty I was able to transition into a whole new career! Now I’m doing something I truly love. Thank you, Betty!”

— Tinamarie D., Business Owner

“With many areas of my life feeling out of control,

it was difficult where to begin to focus my efforts. Betty provided me with a “roll your sleeves up” kind of coaching, emphasizing awareness on how to shift current thoughts and behavior to bring progress as quickly as possible. Her energy driven coaching increased my confidence and enabled me to make decisions to move forward on what truly was important to me. Thank you Betty for the wonderful insight, support, and encouragement helping me tackle clearly defined goals head on as I embark on a new part of my life!”

— Levon M., Accountant turned Coach