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The “Build a 6-Figure Coaching Practice” Package is for you if…

  • You are ready to say hasta la vista to the corporate world and step into the freedom of running your own coaching business.
  • You are passionate about coaching others to become the best they can be.
  • You want to monetize this passion into a 6-figure business.
  • Or perhaps, you have started your coaching business, but haven’t yet cracked the code of how to blow it up to 6-figures.

The “Build a 6-Figure Coaching Practice” Package Includes:


  • Business Coaching with Betty: Personalized business coaching & marketing expertise from Betty who will take you by the hand and help you create a 6-figure coaching business.
  • Accountability Coach: In addition to Betty’s coaching, you will be assigned your own personal Accountability Coach who will help you get out of your own way and make sure you are tracking to each step in the program.
  • Money Mindset Coach: Your Money Mindset Coach will help you embrace the MINDSET to build a 6-figure coaching business
  • Private Mastermind Community: (where you’ll be able to receive additional feedback, ideas, & support)


  • Option One: VIP One-on-One coaching with Betty

*VIP Bonus* Includes Access to Private Weekly Group Coaching Calls

  • Option Two: Weekly Group Zoom Coaching

*Group Bonus* Includes Private Kickoff Call with Betty


  • On-Demand Online Learning Center with training videos, worksheets, and more!
  • Lead Magnet Template
  • Email Nurture Sequence Scripts
  • Social Media Graphic Templates
  • LinkedIn Outreach Scripts
  • Website copy templates
  • Daily LinkedIn Engagement Pod
  • And much more!

Unlimited access to Betty in between coaching sessions

What Makes the Build a 6-Figure Coaching Business Program DIFFERENT from the rest?

  • EXPERTISE. Betty has over a decade experience as a corporate communications leader for various Fortune 500’s. She is well-versed on exactly what it takes to create compelling and engaging content that will inspire a consumer to act. This is exactly what it takes to build a 6-figure online coaching business and exactly what you’ll learn in this program.
  • ACCOUNTABILITY. This program will keep you accountable unlike any other because in addition to Betty’s coaching, you will have your own separate accountability coach assigned to you to keep you on track. Other programs fail when they throw the information at you, but don’t truly help you stay accountable.
  • ACCESS. You will have personal access to Betty. This is NOT one of those “50 people on a coaching call” programs. You will either work one-on-one with Betty or in a group capped at no more than 12 per zoom call. This is designed so that every person will receive coaching on every call.
  • TOOLS. The Build a 6-Figure Coaching Business-In-A-Box will give you access to an on-demand learning center with videos, worksheets, and all the tools and resources you need to stand up a 6-figure coaching business.
  • METHODOLOGY: Learn Betty’s unique methodology, “The 5 C’s of Building a 6-Figure Coaching Business.” This is exactly what Betty did to achieve 6-figures as a career coach in her first year after leaving the corporate world. (This does NOT involve facebook ads, challenges, or having to be across every channel in social media.)
  • DITCH THE HUSTLE: You will learn how to create a high-ticket coaching package which will allow you to sell 1-2 packages per month to hit six-figures versus being caught in the exhausting hustle of selling one-off lower ticket coaching sessions or digital courses.
  • ELEVATE YOUR EXPERTISE: As a member of the Forbes Coaches Council and featured in various well-known publications, Betty will teach you how to elevate your own position in the marketplace by following a similar path so you can get visible and have clients seeking you out.

The 5 C’s of Building a 6-Figure Coaching Practice

Choose the Right Niche

First we’ll repackage your passion, personal experience, or expertise into a 6-figure coaching business. In order to create a 6-figure coaching business, you must position yourself as an expert in your niche of choice. People buy from niche experts and specialists (not generalists.) We are going to uncover the right combination of both a niche you are passionate about and excited to serve and who can afford you.

  • Tighten up your messaging so it resonates with your ideal client
  • Validate the market
  • Strategically position you in the market using a competition matrix
  • Create an ideal client avatar profile
  • Completely tap you into the pains and dreams of your ideal client avatar

Create a Killer Package

In this step, we’ll simplify your offerings and create a highly valuable, high ticket coaching package for your clients so you can scale your business. You’ll learn how to create a “carrot dangle” offer to get clients interested in the high ticket offer. And you’ll learn how to create your own unique signature methodology to help your clients get from pain to dream. This will allow you to stand out in a sea of other coaches.

  • Simplify your offerings
  • Create a high-ticket coaching package
  • Create your own unique signature methodology
  • Carrot dangle strategy to interest clients in your high-ticket

Curtains Up! Launch Your Brand

Learn the key components that go into launching your business the right way. You’ll learn how to brand your business, which business tools to use to streamline, how to create compelling website copy and layout, how to create an irresistible lead magnet, powerful email nurture sequence scripts to drive people to book a call with you, and most of all how to get people excited about the launch of your brand so after your website goes live you aren’t hearing crickets.

  • Brand yourself as a high-end coach
  • Website copy templates that convert
  • Create an irresistible lead magnet
  • Email nurture sequence scripts
  • Brand launch communication strategy
  • Social media profile optimization

Client Attraction System

Activate a system to attract clients on autopilot so that every morning you wake up you have new Discovery Calls booked on your calendar. Step out of the role of “employee” and into the role of “CEO” by learning what you need to do each day, week, and month in order to get the most ROI in your efforts to attract clients. Learn how to delegate, automate, eliminate and streamline the rest! Leverage the power of social media (and LinkedIn!) to attract clients who can afford your services.

  • Outreach system and scripts
  • Dominate the social media platform where your ideal client hangs out
  • Content marketing strategy
  • Effective email marketing strategy
  • Build a referral tree
  • Learn how to get publicity & media mentions

Close the Deal

Once you’ve done all the work to get a human on the phone, learn how to conduct a discovery call with ease. No more feeling icky, awkward, or salesy. This is all about how to lead a powerful discovery call conversation where you are helping to coach your client to a decision. This method will allow you to feel excited once you have a call booked versus nervous that you have to “sell.” PS: If you are doing all the heavy lifting on the discovery call itself, you’re doing it wrong! Learn how to prequalify, warm-up, and educate your clients so they already know, like, and trust you before you ever get on the phone.

  • Pre-qualification process
  • Educate & Warm-up your prospects
  • Discovery call script
  • Overcome objections
  • The key to get them to buy now (not later)
  • Analyze your sales KPIs and replicate what works

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After 17 years in the corporate world, Vanessa transitioned from Vice President of Brand Strategy & Partnerships to building her own thriving Coaching Practice.