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5 Steps To Get Clarity on Your Dream Career

By Betty Kempa | January 7, 2020

For over a decade, I stayed stuck in a job that didn’t bring me joy, didn’t honor my values, and didn’t spark any passion. Why??? Simply put, because I had no idea how to figure out what my dream job actually looked like in the first place! Luckily for me, one of my superpowers is…

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How To Bridge Job Your Way To Your Dream Job

By Betty Kempa | December 30, 2019

I knew I was ready to leave the world of corporate retail to start my own career coaching business. But I wasn’t ready. I no longer wanted to work in a stressful, ill-fitting, toxic environment. But I also liked security and money.  I didn’t want to start my business cold-turkey with fingers crossed that it…

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8 Ways to Build A Meaningful Career Legacy

By Betty Kempa | December 10, 2019

Imagine you’re at a funeral.   Soft organ music is playing in the background. The scent of flowers permeates the air. You look around, and you see all your friends, family, colleagues, direct reports and clients are gathered. Suddenly, you realize, it’s your funeral. One by one, your family, friends, colleagues, clients, and loved ones go up…

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13 Tips to Nail a Career Change After Age 40

By Betty Kempa | December 3, 2019

My Grandma Betty was a career change rock star, overcoming all odds to achieve her dream career during her “Second Act.” First, you should know that my Grandma never graduated high school. She left school to get married during the war in 1944 and ended up getting her GED in 1952 while pregnant with my…

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