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11 Tips to Avoid a Toxic Boss in Your Next Job

By Betty Kempa | February 11, 2020

As a career coach, I’m trained to be objective when coaching my clients.  To view situations with loving detachment. But there are times when I feel fiercely protective over my clients and angry at what they are going through at their place of work. What could cause this level of anger? It’s the #1 thing…

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11 Strategies To Try When You’re Told You’re Overqualified for a Job

By Betty Kempa | February 5, 2020

“You’re overqualified.” The two dreaded words no one wants to hear during a job interview.   And how to respond? Do you dumb yourself down?   Do you scramble to convince them this is a good thing? I often have senior-level corporate clients who face this conundrum. You might wonder, wait a second….WHY are they interviewing for…

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10 Reasons Why You Aren’t Getting Interviews

By Betty Kempa | January 21, 2020

“I’ve sent out hundreds of resumes, but I’m not getting any callbacks!” You’d be surprised how many times I hear this when a client initially reaches out to me. Today, I want to help you crack the code on why you’re hearing crickets after applying to jobs. Similar to the way a doctor will diagnose…

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Try This Ideal Life Exercise To Gain Career Direction Clarity

By Betty Kempa | January 14, 2020

Let’s face it. In life, you are either a passive spectator or a proactive designer. Life either happens TO you…. Or YOU create the blueprints. It’s interesting the things we CHOOSE to plan versus the things we do not. You meticulously plan every detail of your wedding. And how you will decorate your new living…

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