Free 4-Part Video Series: How to Transition To a Career You Love

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5 Steps To Transition From An Unfulfilling Job To A Career You Love

By Betty Kempa | May 19, 2020

There came a time in my previous life in corporate communications, where I found myself suffering from a case of the “should’s.” I should be happy.  (This was ‘supposed’ to be my dream job!) I should stick it out in this role. I should suck it up and provide for my family in this role…

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10 Ways To Use Quarantine Introspection For Career Reinvention

By Betty Kempa | April 28, 2020

When COVID hit, I braced myself for an onslaught of out-of-work jobseekers needing help landing jobs FAST. And make no mistake, with recent layoffs, this has been the case. Yet I’ve noticed another surprising phenomenon the COVID quarantine has had on professional women. I’ve had many successful corporate women reaching out to me quietly admitting…

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6 Steps To Accelerate Your Job Search During the Era of COVID

By Betty Kempa | April 22, 2020

“How do I land a job fast?” That’s a question I’ve heard for years. “How do I land a job fast while quarantined at home during an economic crisis and pandemic?” That’s a new one. I know it’s scary out there right now.   CNBC is stating that the coronavirus economic freeze could cost 47 million…

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How To Know When You Are READY To Take The Leap Into A Career You Love!

By Betty Kempa | March 2, 2020

Last year I ran the San Francisco Rock & Roll Half Marathon. If you were to ask me how I felt the night before the race, my answer would have been, “Part excitement, part dread.” I was excited because… Running this race was a major GOAL of mine. It reflected my VALUES of health &…

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