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6 Steps To Accelerate Your Job Search During the Era of COVID

By Betty Kempa | April 22, 2020

“How do I land a job fast?” That’s a question I’ve heard for years. “How do I land a job fast while quarantined at home during an economic crisis and pandemic?” That’s a new one. I know it’s scary out there right now.   CNBC is stating that the coronavirus economic freeze could cost 47 million…

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How To Know When You Are READY To Take The Leap Into A Career You Love!

By Betty Kempa | March 2, 2020

Last year I ran the San Francisco Rock & Roll Half Marathon. If you were to ask me how I felt the night before the race, my answer would have been, “Part excitement, part dread.” I was excited because… Running this race was a major GOAL of mine. It reflected my VALUES of health &…

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11 Tips to Avoid a Toxic Boss in Your Next Job

By Betty Kempa | February 11, 2020

As a career coach, I’m trained to be objective when coaching my clients.  To view situations with loving detachment. But there are times when I feel fiercely protective over my clients and angry at what they are going through at their place of work. What could cause this level of anger? It’s the #1 thing…

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11 Strategies To Try When You’re Told You’re Overqualified for a Job

By Betty Kempa | February 5, 2020

“You’re overqualified.” The two dreaded words no one wants to hear during a job interview.   And how to respond? Do you dumb yourself down?   Do you scramble to convince them this is a good thing? I often have senior-level corporate clients who face this conundrum. You might wonder, wait a second….WHY are they interviewing for…

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