You have a greater purpose than that corporate job...

you were meant to coach.

Your Business Coach, Betty Kempa, CPC, ELI-MP

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The beginning of my story...

You might say I followed the standard corporate career path.

I graduated with a degree in communications from the University of Wisconsin- Madison. Armed with a desire to emulate my dad’s successful corporate career, I worked my tail off to bust into corporate America and climb my way up the ladder.

A decade later, I had built a successful career as a corporate communications leader at various Fortune 500’s, yet I still suffered from square peg/round hole syndrome.

I ignored the feeling that something was off, convincing myself to white-knuckle through each day and hold tight to my “safe” corporate J.O.B.

But the truth was…

The only part of the day I enjoyed in my corporate job was the part where I got to coach others.

I desperately desired the freedom of time, energy, and focus granted by running my own business.

I was exhausted from the stress and toxicity of my corporate job, crazy hours, and lack of work/life balance.

And the small voice within me was whispering…

This isn’t where your story ends.

But, my logical brain forced me to tuck away my secret dream of coaching until… BOOM!

Just like that, I got laid off.

I took this as a sign from the universe to GO for it and start my own coaching business. (And perhaps if you are reading this… this is your sign.)

I got certified as a coach at iPEC (The Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching) and also became a Energy Leadership Index Master Practitioner.

About Betty Kempa Business Coach for Coaches, Marketing Strategist

When the magic happened...

When I first started out, my niche was in career coaching because I wanted to help unfulfilled corporate women just like me figure out what kind of career would make them blissfully happy.

My first year in business as a career coach I really dove into understanding the business aspect of standing up a coaching business. I took a ton of business courses, I read a ton of business books, and I invested a lot of time and money into learning about the business.

Ironically, the magic really happened for me once I leaned into my expertise from my former corporate communications role, where my job was to create content that would be compelling and engaging to the consumer and inspire them to take action.

This expertise enabled me to pivot my client attraction strategy to virtual content marketing.

After leveraging my expertise in this way...

I was able to achieve 6-figures my first year in business as a career coach.

And I achieved this with spending $0 on FB ads and without running webinars or challenges. (Too much work without the reward!)

Now what I started to see over time, was that the types of clients seeking me out were increasingly becoming corporate professionals who didn’t want another corporate job. They wanted to ditch the corporate job and become a coach. And they wanted me to teach them how to replicate my system to replace their corporate income.

I was thrilled to see this because business and marketing are my genius zone!

So I transitioned to business coaching, helping corporate professionals ditch the 9-5 and repackage their genius into a 6-figure coaching business, using my signature methodology the “5 C’s of Building 6-Figure Coaching Business.”

I’ve helped former corporate professionals build all types of successful coaching businesses, including career coaches, leadership coaches, health coaches, spiritual coaches, and work/life integration coaches for moms (to name a few!)

Betty Kempa Business Coach for Coaches, Marketing Strategist

My Style?

Coach-sultant. Advisor. Authentic. Strategic. Empathetic. Well-researched. Determined. Your personal champion.

I’m currently based out of Denver where I live with my significant other, who is a fitness coach. We love taking random days off to grab a coffee and go hiking in the mountains (because we make our own schedule & we can!)

Discover how I can help you repackage your expertise into a 6-figure coaching business.