7 Benefits of Ditching Your Corporate Job & Starting a Coaching Business

7 Benefits of Ditching Your Corporate Job Starting a Coaching Business

#1) Fulfill your life’s purpose.

Let’s face it.  Deep down you always knew you were meant to coach.  In fact, coaching your team is the only part of your corporate job you actually look forward to.  

Perhaps you even have a coaching certificate that you worked so hard for….now collecting dust.   

You were meant to leave a legacy.  

To make an impact on this world – person by person.  

And it won’t be in this corporate 9-5.

#2) Salary caps don’t exit.

Playing the salary game in the corporate world can be frustrating.   

Colleagues may come into the same organization with less experience but land a much higher salary than you.  

And your own corporate salary?  Even with the occasional raise, your salary is capped.  

In the coaching world, the limit does not exist.  

You can make as much money as you decide you want to.  I hit 6-figures my first year as a coach after leaving the corporate world.  There’s no better feeling than having your financial destiny in your own hands.  You have complete control.

#3) Freedom.

Freedom of time.  

If you want to take a day off?  You take the day off.  If you want to take the week off?  You take the week off.  If you desire a leisurely morning of sipping your coffee, meditating, doing some yoga and then starting your day, you bake it into your daily schedule.  If you decide you are taking Decembers off?  You block December off on your calendar.  Simple as that.

Freedom of location.  

Work from anywhere.  Move where you can get the most bang for your buck in buying your dream home.  Set up a beautiful home office that feels cozy and inspiring.  You will never be tied down to one location because this is a virtual business. 

Freedom of what you work on.  

No longer will you be micromanaged. No long will you be dictated what you must spend your time working on.  You get to take your own vision and bring it to life.  You get to build your own team.  You get to eliminate, delegate, or automate things you don’t want to work on and focus on your superpower – coaching.

#4) Security.

I used to cling to my corporate job, telling myself “this” is security.  I had created self-imposed corporate golden handcuffs.  Until one day, I was laid off from that “secure” corporate job.  

Corporate job security is an illusion.  

One day you’re in.  One day you’re out.  

Even if you have a wonderful boss now, your “security” could be hinging on whether or not they stay or go.  

Running your own coaching business is the ultimate form of security.  

You will never be laid off from this role.  

During 2020, when many people were laid off and jobs were at risk, many coaches had booming businesses.  

You have complete control of your financial destiny & security.  

Want more sales?  Pull more levers in your business.  

There is a system and a strategy to achieve financial security in the coaching business world.  

#5) Called to serve.

You do not feel whole or fulfilled unless you are serving others.  This is an innate calling to make the universe (person by person) a better place through service.

There are humans in the world right now who need your help.  Who need your coaching.  

They are waiting for you to find the courage to start your own coaching business.  

They are waiting for you to find them.  

You weren’t meant to be a cog in the corporate wheel.  

You were meant to coach.  https://www.linkedin.com/embeds/publishingEmbed.html?articleId=7193215846892661755

#6) Spend time with your family.

Long hours at your corporate job make it tough not only to spend time with your family, but to have the energy to fully “be there” with them at the end of the day.   

Even when your corporate job tells you to take time off… the work piles up and the guilt of not being at your J.O.B. haunts you.

As a coach, you get to decide how much time you want to spend with your family.  

You can take your kids to school each morning.  

You can finish your day at 3pm to spend some time together when they get home.  

No more “walk of shame” guilt leaving your corporate job to pick up the kids.  

You are now designing your life around your core values and that includes family time. 

#7) Peak creativity & state of flow.

Likely you have some untapped creative juices & super-powers within you that are not being fully utilized in your corporate role.  Perhaps you feel stifled.  

As a coach, you will lean into peak creativity-mode, whether it’s standing up your business or coaching a client.  

When you get to coach all day, you will experience a constant state of flow, as if time stands still because you love what you do.

Instead of feeling drained and depleted after your workday, you will feel energized and lit up.

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