These 6 Energetic Checkpoints Can Make Or Break Your Career Goal

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Think of the last goal or task that you didn’t achieve.

Got it?

Do you know why you didn’t achieve it?

Part of my role as a certified career coach, is to help my clients uncover this so we can adjust sails moving forward.

I’m also certified in Energy Leadership.  This means looking past the goal you want to accomplish on the surface… and going layers deeper to explore the specific factors that influence the energy you are experiencing.

Did you know that when you are faced with a task or activity, you have an energetic response to it?

Most people don’t reach their potential because they lack energetic commitment and don’t have enough of the right energy to use when they need it.

My job is to help my clients access the right type and amount of energy in order to achieve their goal.

There are 6 influences that could affect your energy at any given time…. Social, Mental, Emotional, Environmental, Physical, and Spiritual.  (The SMEEPS!)

These are your energetic checkpoints.

These energetic checkpoints (or SMEEPS) will either enhance your energy, work for you, and propel you toward success


They will detract from your energy and keep success at bay.

Optimization of these energetic influences will increase your potential to achieve a goal by both increasing engagement and decreasing stress.

Energetic Checkpoint #1:  Mental

Your mental energetic checkpoint refers to how you process your thoughts and how much brain power you have available to complete your task.

This hinges on your ability to be present in the moment, alert, focused, and clear… in order to harness your mental faculties for decision-making, idea-generation, and performance.

Your mental checkpoint is at risk if:

  • You suffer from excessive multi-tasking or if you have conflicting demands.
  • You are either too mentally stimulated (my brain hurts!) or not mentally stimulated enough (there’s no challenge)
  • You are being asked to stretch your mental faculties beyond your current capacity without the proper training (being expected to complete a task you haven’t learned how to do yet)

When the mind is stressed….. concentration, clarity, focus, access to intuition and decision-making suffer.  It can literally feel as if the mind is not able to produce what you’re asking it to.

Need a mental boost?  Try this:

  • Create an action plan (increases clarity)
  • Ask for unambiguous feedback (leave no room for interpretation)
  • Minimize distractions (whether visual or auditory)
  • If your thoughts are swimming with to do’s…. list them all out to get them out of your head and then SET THE LIST ASIDE until you finish what you are currently working on.

Energetic Checkpoint #2:  Emotional

Your energy towards the task at hand is also affected by the way you manage your emotions.

Emotions are your barometer – they track whether your stress is on the rise or falling (which will ultimately enhance or detract from the energy toward the task.)

Energy checkpoints include:

  • Stress Management
  • Desired degree of emotional stimulation (Are you excited about the task?)
  • Emotional awareness, understanding, expression, & control

Your emotional checkpoint is at risk if:

  • You either don’t feel safe expressing emotions or don’t know how to express emotions effectively.  (Think – bottling up emotions until you reach a breaking point and lose control.)
  • You feel your needs aren’t being met
  • You encounter a situation you don’t understand or know how to navigate.

Need an emotional boost?  Ask yourself….

  • What do I feel? (Brings on self-awareness versus “How do I feel” which leans towards self-judgement)
  • What is fueling this feeling?
  • What can I do about what I feel?
  • What emotional state do I believe would be best for the goal at hand?

Energetic Checkpoint #3:  Physical

How well is your body functioning in order to best serve you in accomplishing your career goal?

Just because you aren’t running a marathon, doesn’t mean you can neglect your physical checkpoint and still knock your goal out of the park.

You will not be at your best completing a task at the office if:

  • You are lacking sleep.

Sleep deprivation negatively affects work performance—productivity and quality—and working relationships. Without adequate sleep, employees have more difficulty concentrating, learning, and communicating. Memory lapses increase. (Source:  Fort Health Care Business Health)

  • You are lacking nutrition & nutrients.

According to HBR, food has a direct impact on our cognitive performance.  Proper nutrition improves brain function, memory and concentration.

  • Your water intake isn’t at proper levels.

Just 1% of dehydration can reduce employee productivity by as much as 12%. (Source:  NPR)

  • You are lacking in exercise.

Exercise is a natural mood enhancer.  (Source: NPR)

Need a physical boost?  Try this:

  • Take a brisk walk or do some yoga.
  • Correct your posture.
  • Eat clean.
  • Check out the Hidrate Spark water bottle on Amazon which monitors your water intake via an app on your phone. (No, I’m not an affiliate. I just have one and love it.)
  • Get proactive about your physical checkpoints as they are difficult to course-correct in the moment.  Plan ahead.

Energetic Checkpoint #4:  Environmental

Are you in an environment with conditions that allow you to perform optimally?

  • Climate, temperature, and lighting all affect performance.
  • Even clothing comfort affects performance.

Ever notice how successful people tend to dip into nature every so often?  The great outdoors are an instant energetic boost!

Energetic Checkpoint #5:  Social

How we relate to each other matters.  Even introverts or those who love autonomy (like yours truly) cannot function in a bubble all of the time.

Social influences on energy include:

  • Ability to communicate with and interact with others
  • Accountability (such as a coach)
  • Access to like-minded, nurturing relationships (friends, partners, family, or a support network)

Imagine this:  You are going after a career you are passionate about… but you don’t have a supportive spouse.  Or you don’t have a support network to lean on. The struggle is real here.

This is why entrepreneurs will often form support groups.

Or professionals going after big, hairy, audacious goals will hire a coach for accountability.  Even coaches have coaches!

Energetic Checkpoint #6:  Spiritual

Your spiritual energy is affected by your sense of purpose…your meaning in life.  This is what is truly behind your sense of fulfillment or contribution.

It’s what drives you to do what you do.

Need a spiritual boost?  Try this:

  • Connect your task to your greater purpose.
  • Align your goal with your vision and your values.
  • Connect to something bigger than you.
  • Gain perspective.
  • Find something to look forward to, both short term & long term.

Your spiritual factors will enhance your energy if you are connecting what you’re doing with who you believe you are.

This is often at the very core of why people feel unfulfilled at work…. And may be the very signal that it’s time for a change.

And Now It’s Time To… Rank Your SMEEPS!

Let’s put this to use.

What is the next major goal or task coming your way?

Perhaps you’ve set a goal for yourself to take the necessary steps to transition to your dream career.

  • Before you get started… rank each of your energetic checkpoints (The SMEEPS) on a scale from 1-10…. with 1 being “in the red” and 10 being “at the top of your game.”
  • Which did you rank the lowest?
  • What’s one thing you can do to raise that energetic checkpoint by 1-2 points before you tackle the task at hand?

Now promise me from now on, you’ll take these energetic checkpoints (The SMEEPS!) into account when working towards a goal versus beating yourself up because you haven’t achieved it.

Let’s do this.

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Betty Kempa, CPC, ELI-MP, is a certified career coach helping mid to senior-level corporate women transition out of unfulfilling jobs and into their dream careers.

Concepts featured in this article were learned from iPEC coaching (the best coach training program in the world!)

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