“Betty is amazing!  

I have been working with Betty for a couple of months now, and she has been key in helping me find ways to resolve the issues I encounter in my business and life.  Just having someone I can talk to that gives me room to talk but also keeps me on track has really helped me get clear on what exactly is the problem. With her adept questions and intuitive observations, I can see when I’m getting in my own way and come up with a plan of action to get things turned around.  Sometimes a simple shift in perspective is all it takes to see things in a whole new way. Thanks to Betty I was able to transition into a whole new career! Now I’m doing something I truly love. Thank you, Betty!”

~Tinamarie D.

"Betty is incredibly intuitive + a natural coach...

“Betty provided me with coaching support during a major career transition in my life. During this time, she has helped me identify my talents and discover areas in which I was truly passionate about. Betty is incredibly intuitive, a wonderful listener and a natural coach. She listens carefully to everything you say and is able to process the information in a way that is very insightful. Her positivity and genuine personality made it easy to open up to her and trust in the process. I found myself paralyzed at many points by fear and other factors, in which she was able to bring me back to my main focus and take action! She is highly motivating and helped me create clear, actionable goals that kept the momentum. I am extremely grateful for her assistance and highly recommend her services to anyone looking to change careers or discover a new profession!”

~Sarah R.

Betty challenges me while providing actionable feedback.

She is dedicated, knowledgeable and has this energy that translates to an ability to help move people forward in their life’s journey. What I so appreciate about Betty is when I have a tendency to be granular she helps me broaden my view point to refocus on the big picture. Betty has always believed in me, but she has really challenged me while providing actionable feedback.

She’s been instrumental in many of my life’s big moments that are specifically centered around my career. One aspect that I really needed help with was entering my first salary negotiation. She gave amazing guidance while also challenging me to really trust my intuition. Her approach is never one size fits all! She honed in on me – and that’s what really sets her talent apart in activating people’s lives towards greater fulfillment!  Thank you Betty!”

~Jacqueline S.

“With many areas of my life feeling out of control,

it was difficult where to begin to focus my efforts. Betty provided me with a “roll your sleeves up” kind of coaching, emphasizing awareness on how to shift current thoughts and behavior to bring progress as quickly as possible. Her energy driven coaching increased my confidence and enabled me to make decisions to move forward on what truly was important to me. Thank you Betty for the wonderful insight, support, and encouragement helping me tackle clearly defined goals head on as I embark on a new part of my life!”

~Levon M.

“Betty is great to work with.

She helped me better understand my goals and how to reach them by getting straight to the point and asking the right questions to go one level further or one step deeper.  Our meetings felt more like a chat with an old friend than a business transaction. I’ve truly appreciated the growth/progress I’ve made with her as a coach. She’s extremely intuitive and I got the sense that she’s been doing this for years.  Thanks again Betty”

~Brynden S.

"She holds you accountable for making change in your life.

Working with Betty is a personal journey that is all about YOU. She provides tools and support as she helps guide you through the process and holds you accountable for making change in your life. After just a few months of working with Betty, I have discovered my deepest personal values and have already begun to build a career plan that I am passionate and excited about.”

~Jeanette M.