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Are you feeling lost or stuck in your career?

Have you ever caught yourself wishing for a new job, but instead find yourself staying in the same job because “the pay is good” or “it’s the devil I know”?

Have you ever wished for a new job or career, but you have no idea which path to take?

If this is you, it’s time to take the Get Unstuck Assessment and understand exactly why:

You stare at your resume but don’t do anything about it

You complain about work to your friends but never take suggestions or try anything new

You can’t seem to make a choice about your next job even though you have millions of ideas

You’ll have answers and a specific game plan for getting off the couch and springing into action … in under an hour.


With this assessment, you will learn:

  • Why you feel like you have no options and one simple trick to seeing all options available to you
  • Why you can’t seem to decide what to do next — stay? Go? Quit? Something else? — and what to do about it
  • Why you keep rationalizing staying in the same job (though you know you want to leave)
  • Why you feel weighed down or guilty about work and what to do about it
  • Plus tons of other insights based on your individualized results

Recognized by Forbes as a Top 10 assessment for understanding strengths and weaknesses, this questionnaire breaks down your most dominant thought patterns and sorts them into Seven Levels of Consciousness. The results reveal your default behavioral patterns in normal, everyday situations as well as in stressful situations, and gives you ways to consciously create an entirely new playbook for your life and career.

The Get Unstuck Assessment & Debrief includes:

A 20-minute online assessment

A 10-page customized report

A 50-minute personal coaching session with Betty

The investment is $197. The results will change the way you view the world. Click the button below to purchase and jump right in!


“Betty is amazing!

I have been working with Betty for a couple of months now, and she has been key in helping me find ways to resolve the issues I encounter in my business and life.  Just having someone I can talk to that gives me room to talk but also keeps me on track has really helped me get clear on what exactly is the problem. With her adept questions and intuitive observations, I can see when I’m getting in my own way and come up with a plan of action to get things turned around.  Sometimes a simple shift in perspective is all it takes to see things in a whole new way. Thanks to Betty I was able to transition into a whole new career! Now I’m doing something I truly love. Thank you Betty!” ~Tinamarie D.