Career Change Coaching


The Career Bliss Corporate Package is a customized approach designed to help you cut through the noise and power thoughtful reflection, strategic planning, goal setting, and accountability towards grabbing hold of the career of your dreams.

You’ll leave with an actionable and achievable career transition plan to start building the success you want on YOUR own terms.

We will work from the inside out to facilitate your transition into a career that is meaningful to you and supports your lifestyle.

The Career Bliss Corporate Package includes:

  • 6 month coaching package
    • Months 1-3:  Weekly Coaching (12 sessions)
    • Months 4-6:  2X/month Coaching (6 sessions)
  • Unlimited email support in between sessions
  • Library Vault of training, worksheets, resources, templates, assignments, & videos
  • Over a dozen assessments
  • Professional Resume Rewrite
  • Professional LinkedIn Branding Makeover
  • Executive Bio One-pager

The Career Bliss Corporate Package will take you on a 5 Step Journey:


Get out of your own way!  Overcome fears and limiting beliefs around holding a job you love AND making enough money.  (Yes, you can have both!) Confront your inner critic who tells you that you aren’t good enough to make a career switch into something you love.  Learn how adjusting your thoughts will impact the results that you achieve.

  • “Career Get Unstuck” Assessment: 10 page personalized report & debrief. This is the first imperative step to getting out of your career rut. I'll reveal the #1 thing currently holding you back (and what to do about it!)
  • A look back at the past to see where patterns began and where you are holding on to stuff that doesn’t serve you anymore.
  • A full session devoted to confronting your inner-critic who has been keeping you safe and small.
  • Learn how to use your FEAR as a SPRING BOARD to action
  • Learn how to overcome your limiting beliefs that are holding you back


Get clarity on what the dream role looks like for you, so you don’t keep falling into the same bad job.  Figure out not just what’s next, but what will truly make you fulfilled and passionate for years to come.  Get clear on your career non-negotiables.

  • Meet your future self! 15 minute & 1 hour guided audio meditation
  • Build out your life plan (your dream career will be the bridge to get you closer to the life you want to live)
  • Personal Mission Statement Builder (Define your WHY)
  • Unpacking Your Past - Dissect your job history to analyze what you want to replicate & what you are no longer willing to tolerate
  • Business Career Assessment, 20 Page Customized Report & Debrief: Cross references your interests, motivators, and skills to provide career and industry recommendations & culture fit
  • Personality Assessment & In-depth Case Studies
  • Strengthsfinder Assessment
  • RIASEC Assessment & 12 Page Interactive Report: Receive career suggestions based on aspirations, activities, competencies, & interests
  • Job Functions Assessment
  • Values Assessment
  • The Basics (Work environment, Salary range, Training duration)
  • Align motivators to job type
  • Over 150 intensive questions designed to help you figure out what career will bring you the most bliss (things you may have never even considered!)
  • Customized research plan to map careers to ideal job profile
  • Dream Career Score Card: Identify industry and role you will be moving towards based on your unique career non-negotiables


Stand out from the sea of applicants!  Don’t let outdated marketing material be the bottleneck that keeps you from getting an interview!  My career dream team will rebrand your resume, LinkedIn profile, and cover letter to target your new career destination so that recruiters are knocking down your door.  Create an enticing elevator pitch to get your foot in the door of any company.

  • Resume rewrite & rebranding in the new career direction you are targeting (written by a former VP of HR & recruiting)
  • LinkedIn Rebranding Makeover (rebranding by Forbes Communication Council writer with over 20 years writing experience)
  • LinkedIn Coaching Session and Q&A with best practices for building out / enhancing LinkedIn Profile with SEO optimization, tips for getting recruited, applying for jobs
  • Development of Executive Bio (used on corporate website and/or personal website; submitted for speaking gigs at conferences, etc.)
  • Targeted Cover Letter
  • Elevator Pitch


Learn how to network effectively & strategically, how to get your foot in the door, and how to tap into the hidden job market.  Learn how to reach out to recruiters and hiring managers. Networking scripts included. I’m going to teach you to circumnavigate the online application system where there are 250 applicants per corporate role & only 4-6 called in for an interview.  You’re going in the side door!

  • How to identify and network with the 4 types of unique networking contacts
  • Learn the secret to empowering your current network to help you land a job at your target company
  • Learn how to get your foot in the door before the job ever gets posted
  • Warm Networking Outreach Strategies & Scripts
  • Cold Networking Outreach Strategies & Scripts
  • Recruiter Outreach & Scripts


Learn to interview like a pro by solving your employer’s pain point, so that they are chomping at the bit to hire you. Learn to fearlessly and strategically negotiate for what you are worth. 

  • Mock interview practice & feedback for each job
  • The perfect thank you letter
  • Fierce negotiation tactics - step by step strategy & scripts
  • You landed the role! Now what? Learn how to nail your first 90 days on the job when crucial impressions are being formed

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“Working with Betty is a personal journey that is all about YOU.

She provides tools and support as she helps guide you through the process and holds you accountable for making change in your life. After just a few months of working with Betty, I have discovered my deepest personal values and have already begun to build a career plan that I am passionate and excited about.” ~Jeanette M.