Free Guide: The Surefire Way to Finding Your Passion

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Let Your Values Be Your Guide To Your Dream Career

By Betty Kempa | October 23, 2018

Many clients come to me torn on what their next career move will be.   “Should I take this job?”   “Will this career path make me happy?”   “Do I leave this role for a new one?”   I can speak from experience when sharing that you can be offered a higher title, with…

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How Your Thoughts Are Keeping You Stuck In An Unfulfilling Job

By Betty Kempa | October 16, 2018

Why are there so many incredibly intelligent, strong, professional women who feel unfulfilled at work, yet remain stuck when it comes to doing anything about it?   She drives home after a long day at the office… pondering taking the leap into something she loves… Yet days, weeks, and months pass by…. and she don’t…

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6 Steps to Land a Higher Job Title

By Betty Kempa | October 9, 2018

Are you at a point in your career where you are “ready for next” in terms of job title?   Perhaps you are applying for a new position that is a level-up in title from where you are currently.   But much to your chagrin, the job description calls for someone with “insert # of…

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3 Strategies To Shift From Career Pain to Power

By Betty Kempa | October 4, 2018

“I’m paralyzed by fear.” That’s the phrase I hear most often from the corporate women I coach, who desire a transition out of an unfulfilling job into their dream career. Fear of failure. Fear of money. Fear of rejection. Fear of learning new skill sets. Fear of the unknown. And the list goes on. Here’s…

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