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Insider Tips From a Top Financial Professional on How to Nail Your Career Transition

By Betty Kempa | November 20, 2018

Fears about money preventing you from transitioning to the career of your dreams? On the one hand you have financial responsibilities: San Francisco rent or a mortgage, perhaps a family, bills, and a future to save for. On the other hand, it is painful to imagine waking up a year from now in the same…

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10 Steps to Conquer Imposter Syndrome Once & For All

By Betty Kempa | November 6, 2018

Can you recognize yourself in Lynne’s story? Lynne is a 40 year-old Director of Marketing for a well-known retail corporate headquarters.  She is an Ivy league graduate with an impressive track record, currently leading a team of 15. But as Lynne sits in the boardroom attempting to do her best to “lean in,” she struggles…

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Your Limiting Beliefs Are Stealing Your Dream Career

By Betty Kempa | October 30, 2018

“Whether you think you can or can’t, you’re right.” ~Henry Ford. Marissa’s Story Marissa’s dad was an artistic genius who pushed his passion aside to follow the “safe” corporate route. He repeated to her growing up,“Your work is not who you are.  Suck it up and do what you have to do to pay the…

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Let Your Values Be Your Guide To Your Dream Career

By Betty Kempa | October 23, 2018

Many clients come to me torn on what their next career move will be.   “Should I take this job?”   “Will this career path make me happy?”   “Do I leave this role for a new one?”   I can speak from experience when sharing that you can be offered a higher title, with…

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