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4 Energy Blocks Holding You Back From Your Dream Career

By Betty Kempa | August 12, 2019

I coach from the inside – out. Here’s what I mean by that. When a client comes to me ready to identify and transition to their dream career…. We don’t jump straight to the “external” stuff…. (resumes, LinkedIn, interviews, etc)…. Yes, we’ll get to that, of course. But first, I go inside with them. I…

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Who You Must Become to Land Your Dream Career

By Betty Kempa | August 5, 2019

Going after your dream career can be frightening.  You may have moments of doubt, feel paralyzed by fear, or struck by a case of imposter syndrome (who am I to go after this dream?) When I left my decade-long career in corporate communications to pursue my dream role as a career coach, I experienced many…

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These 6 Energetic Checkpoints Can Make Or Break Your Career Goal

By Betty Kempa | December 4, 2018

Think of the last goal or task that you didn’t achieve. Got it? Do you know why you didn’t achieve it? Part of my role as a certified career coach, is to help my clients uncover this so we can adjust sails moving forward. I’m also certified in Energy Leadership.  This means looking past the…

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5 Powerful Reasons To Go After A Career That Scares You

By Betty Kempa | November 27, 2018

I’ve never been the type to shy away from things that scare me.   After college, I quit my job at a title company in Wisconsin to move solo to Costa Rica.  Was it scary? Yes.  But somehow I found myself embracing the thrill of it.     I ended up making some awesome friendships,…

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